Interview with Kira Snyder

February 28, 2016

AJ and Jo are thrilled to have been able to share a few minutes with the writer of Episode 306, "Bitter Harvest." Kira Snyder visits The Dropship to help us process everything we just saw in Thursday's jampacked hour of the The 100.


Interview with Sachin Sahel

February 27, 2016

Coming to you live from the City of Light, we've got another mini-sode to tide you over until AJ and Jo can remove the bitter from the rest of the Episode 306 Analysis harvest. It's Sachin Sahel, better known as Jackson on The 100, to talk about his latest Arkadia escapades. (Fingers crossed, they won't be his last!)


Interview with Aaron Ginsburg

February 21, 2016

Here's another fun interview that Jo was able to snag for fans of The Dropship -- this time with The 100's very own chameleon and jack of all trades, Aaron Ginsburg. He's a writer, supervising producer, ninja, doctor, lawyer, cop... you name it! Find out how he comes up with the perfect recipe of pain, tragedy and disaster fit for any season finale. 


Episode 305 Analysis

February 19, 2016

What did Bellamy do? Jo (@jopinionated) and AJ (@ajmass) discuss all of the repercussions of Pike's third official act as chancellor -- and his most deadly. Episode 305 of The 100 -- "Hakeldama" -- was not for the faint of heart. Brace yourselves as we discuss what happens next after it is decided that blood must NOT have blood after all.


Interview with Katie Stuart

February 19, 2016

We're not sure if it was Pike or ALIE who was behind the technological difficulties that kept Jo away from this interview, but thankfully, Monroe herself was able to grab the walkie-talkie to speak with AJ about what it's like being on The 100. Fans, welcome Katie Stuart to The Dropship. (Fear not, Jo will return to share all of her theories on Episode 305 in our next podcast.)


Episode 304 Analysis

February 13, 2016

Regime change is on the menu in "Watch the Thrones" as The 100 sees attempted coups in both Polis as well as in Arkadia. What did AJ and Jo make of all this political posturing and hand-to-hand combat? Since there are apparently no rules against talking about this episode, we dive deep into all things Ice Queen, Pike's rebellion and Jasper's return to -- for obvious reasons -- this podcast's favorite location. Enjoy! 


Interview with Kim Shumway

February 12, 2016

In order to tide you over a bit until we can get our analysis of Episode 304 up, we have a special mini-sode for you. We were lucky enough to chat with Kim Shumway, the writer of "Ye Who Enter Here." Due to some minor technical difficulties, you may notice we were being undermined by a nefarious echo throughout our interview -- but given the plot of Episode 303, that seems quite poetic and fated to be. Enjoy! 


Episode 303 Analysis

February 5, 2016

What happens when you mix a little bit of the Ice Nation with a scheduled peace summit? Apparently, the combination is explosive on all fronts. Join AJ Mass and Jo Garfein as they talk all things "Ye Who Enter Here," Episode 3 of Season 3 of "The 100." From fealty to nightbloods, join our intrepid ambassadors as they discuss the current state of Polis. 


Interview with Jason Rothenberg

February 3, 2016

It's a very special episode of The Dropship, as The 100's showrunner - Jason Rothenberg - graciously joins AJ and Jo ahead of the airing of Episode 303. (While there may be some spoilers for those of you who are not yet fully caught up, as far as looking ahead, there's no need to fear.) Jason shares some great stories about the casting process for the show as well as explaining the methodology of how ideas make their way from the writers' room to the TV screen. We're thrilled to share this conversation with you. Enjoy!


Episode 302 Analysis

January 31, 2016

Spoilers ahead: It's Part 2 of  "Wanheda" - the kickoff to Season 3 of The 100. Join AJ Mass and Jo Garfein as they discuss Jaha's quest to populate the City of Light, the introduction of a new gaggle of Arkers, the not-so-deadly game of cat and mouse being played with Clarke Griffin and her captor, and Bellamy Blake taking action. Oh, and... LEXA.